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Organization of
Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) Uniform Collectors
"ONVAUC"  Updated June 11, 2024

  • East German Collectors Group
East German Collectors Group

Mein Genossen*,

The Organization of NVA Uniform Collectors (ONVAUC) is an organization for the military hobbyist and historian interested in the East German Military, uniforms,  and history. It was founded in December 2017 to serve as a source of information for all collectors on the history, uniforms, and insignia of the former East German military forces, the “Nationale Volksarmee”, and the other security organs of the former German Democratic Republic.

All interested persons are invited to join the ONVAUC Yahoo Group to join in with other like-minded NVA collectors and enthusiasts in forums, galleries, and file sharing.

The web site is divided into the different areas of the NVA, Vopo, MfS, Youth Movements, and DDR Civil organizations. Interlaced throughout all the subject areas are links to informational documents and YouTube videos that are pertinent to the subject. Most YouTube videos are from the DDR and are in German. is seeking new members that can add to this web site. Please contact us through Anything that has to do with East German uniforms, medals, insignia, organizations, or any other topics of interest about the NVA and the DDR are welcome. Any article or subject topic can be added as a new section or as an added page to a current section. 

* - Difference Between "Kamerad" & "Genossen"

Kamerad comes from a primarily military background, i.e. referred to a comrade in the sense of a buddy serving with you.

Genosse suggests a more political context, and it was used to address "comrades" in the NVA. Genosse (plural – Genossen) was the preferred term in the NVA for referring to fellow soldiers.


As a former member of "Society of East German Militaria Collectors" - I wish to thank those SEGMC Members that  invested their time and knowledge to that organization. We all need to recognize their contributions, their work, and efforts that went into some of their materials we are passing along to other NVA Enthusiasts thru the ONVAUC. We are inviting all former SEGMC members to contact us and become a part of the ONVAUC. 


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