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NVA Individual Operational Field Clothing and Equipment - For all Ranks


        The following information was translated from the NVA Manual "Handbuch Militarisches Grundwissen" (Handbook of Military Knowledge), Militarverlag der DDR, 1986 edition:


        "Regarding the Stipulations of the catalog, Clothing and Equipment – Standards, Combat Complex section, the following clothing and equipment is authorized in the supply element:


1 field cap or on-board cap

1 winter hat

1 uniform jacket

1 uniform trouser

1 field duty uniform (summer or winter)

1 knit jacket collar (fake fur type)

1 pullover sweater

1 balaclava cap

1 pair 4-finger gloves

2 pair knit socks

3 collar binds

2 sets of underwear

3 handkerchiefs

1 pair "half shaft" boots

1 steel m57 helmet

1 camouflage net

1 web belt (gray)

1 pair trouser suspenders

1 pair load bearing suspenders

2 combat packs

1 field bottle

1 mess kit

1 ground sheet (shelter half)

1 accessories kit (rope, pole, stakes)

1 wool blanket

1 towel

Wash kit, razor, shoe shine kit, sewing kit


1 mission set consisting of:

1 set underwear

2 towels

2 collar binds

4 handkerchiefs

2 pair of socks


Note: Mission set is to be used only on order of higher unit commanders. "

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