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Waffenfarben (NVA)

Waffenfarbe - 

Colored uniform identification of the type of service in the NVA were worn on the basis of the traditions of the German armed forces. The NVA of the DDR used waffenfarben on military uniforms as a distinguishing feature for the different weapon branches, special troops, services and uses from 1956 to 1990.

  • White: Infantry (Motorized Riflemen and Enlighteners)

  • Brick Red: Artillery (Racquets and Artillery, Rocket and Weapons Service, Troop Air Defense)

  • Pink: tanks

  • Yellow: News

  • Darkgreen: Backward Services (Supplies, Military Justice and Finance)

  • Black: Pioneer Techniques, (Military Transport, Technical Units, Chemical Services)

  • Light Blue: Air Forces

  • Gray: air defense

  • Green: border troops

  • Orange: paratrooper

  • Cornflower blue: folk marine

  • Violet: Civil defense

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