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Any person not belonging to a right-wing fundamentalist or white supremacist organization, that has at any time oppressed another person’s freedom of choice or worked to deny another person of any of their basic human rights, and is at least 18 years of age is eligible to become a member of the CITIZENS REACTIONARY UNION of SECULAR HUMANISTS, on completion of the CRUSH application form. CRUSH Leadership may, at any time impose a bar on the admission of new members, or restrict admission to certain individuals.

If a rejection of an application is made, no reason will be stated either by the Local CRUSH Leader, or CRUSH Leadership. There is no legal redress against rejection.

Admission has officially taken place upon issue of a membership card or a membership book. Whoever becomes a Secular Humanist is not merely joining the CRUSH organization, but also has the opportunity to join the Education Section or become a soldier of the Fundamental Liberation Army of Secular Humanists (F.L.A.S.H.), and that implies far more than simply participating in meetings and doing community action work. In making these steps, one takes upon oneself the obligation of setting aside the “self” and of venturing everything one possesses – ones property, for ones people. Only those who know how to do this should become a Secular Humanist. The selection has been made with this in mind.


                                A SPIRIT OF HUMAN RIGHTS…

                                                                          STRENGTH OF CHARACTER


These are the qualifications of a true Secular Humanist. People who have publicly renounced their association with right-wing fundamentalists or white supremacist organizations should not be discouraged from seeking membership in CRUSH, as their past activities may be overlooked. Performance in the struggle for Human Rights is all decisive. A healthy organism will spontaneously expel what is diseased, as long as the will to be healthy has been proved through suitable leadership and achievement. Thus, the criteria for admission to CRUSH should not be bourgeois but soldierly standpoints, and the decisive factor for judging a person’s character should be his bearing when one is face to face with the enemy. CRUSH must always remain the elite of the people. Therefore, care has to be taken as to who is admitted as a CRUSH member. Any persons who are insincere of lacking a total commitment to the cause of CRUSH must be kept out or expelled

The CRUSH Oath: To be recited by all members

I swear,

To be loyal to my fellow man, and to the CITIZENS REACTIONARY UNION of SECULAR HUMANISTS at all times, to keep official and organizational secrets, and to strictly obey rules and instructions of my superiors.

I will unnervingly strive to fulfill my official duties conscientiously, honestly, courageously, vigilantly and with discipline.

I swear,

that I will, without reservation, under risk of my life protect my fellow man, my organization and legal order, CRUSH property, the personality, the rights and the personal property of CRUSH and my fellow man against felonious attacks.

If I nevertheless break this, my solemn oath, I shall be confronted with the punishment of the ordinances of CRUSH.

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