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CRUSH itself is an instrument of ideological education that must become the leader in the Cause for Human Rights. CRUSH is responsible for the complete penetration of the American people in the Secular Humanist spirit and for overcoming dependence on fundamentalist and right wing oriented forces, which is still partially rooted in the people

CRUSH was formed to insure that ALL Americans Basic Human Rights are protected and preserved. Because of their blind, single issue fanaticism, right wing fundamentalist and white supremacist organizations are seen as the single most dangerous threat to these basic rights.

The goal of CRUSH is to work with all citizens, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or social status, ad enlighten them as to the dangers these fundamentalists present to us, as free Americans.

Crush will cooperate with Community, State, and Federal officials to better inform them about these right wing subversive groups and their fanatical attempts to impose their will on the citizens of the United States. Furthermore, it will be the duty of CRUSH Leaders to see that the technical and specialist tasks which are being carried out in associated organizations as well as in government administration are in fact accomplished in alignment with Secular Humanist thinking.

But foremost, CRUSH is committed to a philosophy of “RE-EDUCATION” aimed directly at any right wing fundamentalist or white supremacist organization that has been determined to be a threat to America’s Basic Human Rights. Through peaceful public demonstrations, counter-demonstrations, informational meetings, Re-Education Programs, and special Re-Education Facilities, CRUSH, its Education Section, and through the actions of its self-defense organization – Fundamental Liberation Army of Secular Humanists (F.L.A.S.H.), will work to convince these subversive groups that their efforts are as counterproductive to themselves and they are harmful to the security of the United States and to the World. It is to this goal that CRUSH and FLASH are universally committed

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