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FLASH, independent unit of CRUSH is lead FLASH Commander. The first and foremost task of FLASH is the protection of CRUSH Leaders.

By the order of CRUSH Leadership, the scope of FLASH has been enlarged to include all CRUSH internal security and to assist civil and military officials in coordination OR provide on its own, security for CRUSH members and others participating in any CRUSH approved activity or event.

FLASH areas of responsibility to CRUSH include;

  1. Protection of CRUSH Leaders

  2. Crowd control and riot protection

  3. Maintaining ALPHA Teams – Counter Demonstration Reaction Teams

  4. Intelligence, information, and reconnaissance

  5. Clandestine operations

  6. Tactics – both overt and covert

  7. CRUSH and FLASH communications – facilitation, operation, processing, and maintenance of equipment and systems

  8. CRUSH and FLASH logistics

Let it be understood that FLASH is a non-violent security organization with a very specific set of goals. But, those goals do demand a very strict and regimented structure in order for FLASH to help CRUSH achieve True Human Rights for all Americans. That is why the organizational structure of FLASH resembles that of an efficiently run police or military organization. Discipline is the key to the success of FLASH.


Every member of FLASH has got to be permeated with the sense and essence of the Secular Humanist Movement. Ideologically and physically, one will receive exemplary training so that individually or with one’s unit, personnel may be sent into action successful in the determined fight for Human Rights. Only those truly committed to the cause of CRUSH and suitable for this challenge. Therefore, it is necessary for a continuous process of selection to be carried out among members of CRUSH to be assured that all FLASH members reflect the true spirit of a CRUSH Leader.

Unconditional obedience is demanded. It arises out of the conviction that Human Rights are fundamental rights guaranteed to all Americans, not just the few who feel that our rights depend on THEIR interpretations of what is right and what is wrong. For that reason, a FLASH member is ready to execute every order coming from CRUSH Leaders or by one’s immediate superior, to the best of one’s ability. By their example, FLASH members will inspire others who thought they were weak and wavering and who had not yet been able to speak out against those who try to take away their basic rights as Americans.

Openly, FLASH members fight those who present the biggest threat to Human Rights: Fundamentalist religious groups and Right wing reactionary organizations like the Neo-Nazi Party, Skin Heads, KKK, to mention only a few.

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