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NVA is a German film comedy released in 2005 that involves two friends who serve in the National People's Army of the former DDR. It was directed by Leander Haussmann, who together with Brussig Thomas also wrote the screenplay. The film caricatures the life of the National People's Army (abbreviated: NVA) in the final years of East Germany. The movie is in German and there are no subtitles. 

  • Directed by - Leander Haußmann

  • Produced by - Claus Boje and Detlev Buck

  • Written by - Thomas Brussig and Leander Haußmann

  • Music by - Marcel Blatti and Paul Lemp

  • Cinematography  - Frank Griebe

  • Release date - 29 September 2005

  • Running time - 98 min.

  • Language - German


  • Kim Alexander Frank - Private Henrik Heidler

  • Oliver Bröcker - Private Krüger

  • Jasmin Schwiers - Marie Kalt

  • Detlev Buck - Colonel Kalt

  • Thorsten Michaelis - Captain Stummel

  • Ignaz Kirchner - Warrant Officer Futterknecht

  • Maxim Mehmet - Corporal Aurich

  • Annika Kuhl - Nurse Sonja

  • Robert Gwisdek - Traubewein

Movie Trailer

Grenade Scene 

Gas Mask Scene 

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