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An Invitation to you,


A number of years ago, individuals active with the Yahoo Group NVANE began working on a regional Volksarmee Living History group, with the hopes of developing a National look, feel, and National title. By 2012, the NVANE was absorbed into the new National Organization called the NVAVSA (Nationale Volksarmee Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika – Nationale Volksarmee United States of America). Recognition needs to be given to those whose hard work and talents helped develop this living history.


The intention of this Sub Site of the ONVAUC is to act as a sort of historic archive of the development work that went into those efforts. The basic framework was developed for members of this United States based group to actually simulate living in the DDR as part of learning about life overall in the DDR/NVA.


To help simulate East Germany, physical US borders were redrawn to reflect those of the DDR. NVAVSA Members were issued DDR style Workers ID’s and their residences were renamed to reflect their new DDR/VSA geographic area. There was even an Order of Battle developed for all the regions based of the actual 1989 NVA OOB plans.


Several members had taken up the responsibilities as NVAVSA Ministers. The NVAVSA envisioned itself to be at a level to promote NVA living history, general history study, and promote NVA reenactments and training.


Even though these plans did not fully come to fruition, the groundwork that was set in place is interesting in itself as a tool to learn more about the Civilian and Military structures and organizations that were in place in the DDR until 1990.


Many of the original documents and maps developed for this project are here for historical purposes and study.


Please join and become a member of the Yahoo Group ONVAUC to gain access to this site to see the work that was in progress and to learn from it as others did.

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